Registration and Submission Delayed | 2023 Artie Cup International Space Design Competition


The 2nd Artie Cup International Space Design Competition has received about 300 applications at home and abroad. The Committee has replied to inquiries via phone, email, and other platforms. Many thanks to all the designers and students for your interest in this competition. 

Considering the mounting enthusiasm for travelling and vacation during the New Year, the committee has decided to postpone the schedule so that the participants have more time to prepare submissions after the festival. Please be advised that the new schedule is as follows.

Registration deadline: 24:00, February 19, 2023 (Beijing time)

Submission deadline: 24:00, February 26, 2023 (Beijing time)

Preliminary review: Before March 05, 2023

Final review: March 11, 2023

Award announcement: March 13, 2023

Award ceremony: March 19, 2023 

As the new year 2023 has turned into a new chapter, we are looking forward to your submissions with great joy.



- Theme -

 Redefine Home—Enjoy Your Vacation at Home 

Home is the place we are most familiar with, but we seldom think about its definition. What other profound meanings does it hold except for being a shelter from wind and rain?

Our pace of life and business is getting faster and faster. What function should a home have to get us enough rest and refresh us for new challenges in life? Especially throughout the Covid 19 outbreak, we are in urgent needs to connect with the world and release emotional tension. What kind of a home is it that helps us get through difficulties and hardships? Looking into the future, what will happen to our lifestyles with the development of technology and humanities? What are the new demands for home?

The 2nd Artie Cup invites you to reflect on and explore this topic with us.


- Requirements -

- Applicant -

Designers or design students. The application now opens for free, available for individual work or in team work (no more than 3 members) across the world. 

- Orientation- 

The design should be revolved around “Home and Vacation” with future lifestyle as a starting point.

- Space -

Choose any site no more than 300m2 across the world to propose a design based on the definition of “Home”. The project is not limited to interior design, architectural design and landscape design.

- Format -

1. Submit 1 (only one) JPG file of A1 size (841*594mm) with a resolution of 150dpi or more. It can be made in either vertical or horizontal layout. Arrange the drawings as per the submission sample which will be sent to your email after registration.

2. The drawing can include but is not limited to a floor plan, an overall aerial view, space renderings, furniture or structure drawings, project analysis drawings, videos, etc.;

3. Please do not include any personal or team information on the drawing, otherwise it will be considered invalid.


- Awards -

- Professional Award -


1st Prize × 1   Certificate + 4350 USD (tax included) 


2nd Prize × 2   Certificate + 1450 USD (tax included) 


3rd Prize × 3    Certificate + 725 USD (tax included) 


Excellent Prize × 5   Certificate + 145 USD (tax included) 


- Popularity Award -


1st Prize × 1    Bari Single Swing


2nd Prize × 10   Muses Solar Light


3rd Prize × 20   Outdoor Cushion


- Application & Submission -

1. Click open the registration link or scan the QR code below to fill in the sheet. The system will send the competition details and submission samples to the registered email address. Please check in time.


Register at:

2. Arrange the drawings as per the submission sample. Compress all the documents and submit the file to The file should be named [Artiecup - project title].

3. For more information, please contact: 


Facebook: @ArtieGarden

Instagram: @artie_garden



 - Judges -

轮播图 - 评委01倪阳

Yang Ni

Design Master awarded by the Ministry of Construction, PRC;

President of Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Ltd Co., Ltd

轮播图 - 评委02

Heng Liu

Female architect pioneer;

Founder of NODE Architecture & Urbanism; Doctor of Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design

轮播图 - 评委03

 Yiqiang Xiao

Dean of the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology;

Dean of the State Laboratory of Sub-tropical Architecture, South China University of Technology

轮播图 - 评委04

Zhaohui Tang

Design Master awarded by the Department of Construction, People’s Republic of China;

Vice president of Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Ltd Co., Ltd

轮播图 - 评委05

Yuhong Sheng

Chief executive of Shing & Partners International Design Group;

Architecture Master Prize winner & German Design Award silver winner

轮播图 - 评委06

Nicolas Thomkins

Top 10 designers making the greatest contribution to furniture design 2007;

Red Dot Award Best of the Best winner; iF Award winner

轮播图 - 评委07

Arthur Cheng

President of Artie Garden International Ltd.;

Vice president of Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Associations; Vice president of Guangzhou Furniture Association

轮播图 - 评委08

Yajun Tu

Founder of Mo Academy of Design;

Presiding designer of TODesign; President of the MO Parametric Design Lab

- Organizations -

Promotion Unit - The China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)

Sponsor Unit – Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Associations, Artie Garden International Ltd.

Support Unit – Mo Academy of Design, Artie Garden International Ltd.

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- Notification -

In accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, all participants are deemed to have made the following irrevocable declaration on the the copyright ownership of the submitted works:

1. Participants must ensure the originality and authenticity of their works and must not embezzle or borrow others’ works. Once discovered, the participants will be disqualified in the competition and the Sponsor has the right to recover the award sent. The legal consequences arising from infringing on the rights and interests of any individual (or any collective ) shall be borne by the participant himself;

2. Submission of the work means the participant agrees to authorize the sponsor with the right to use their work, and to display, publish and promote them in public;

3. Participants should provide real and valid personal information when registering. The  Sponsor will not examine the authenticity of the identity of the participant and will not disclose the information. However, if the personal information is inaccurate or incorrect, the works submitted will not be reviewed;

4. The Sponsor does not charge any registration fee or review fee to the participants;

5. Participants should ensure that they have read and agreed to abide by the above competition rules. Sponsor reserves the right to revoke the competition qualifications for those who violate the rules;

6. The final interpretation of the competition belongs to the Sponsor.

Post time: Feb-01-2023