Artie's unwavering dedication to exceptional product quality and leading-edge
R&D capabilities is evident in every aspect of our work. Our experienced R&D
team collaborates with skilled artisans to breathe life into our designs. Guided by
our 21 STANDARDS benchmark, each production stage undergoes meticulous
inspection, ensuring our unwavering commitment to excellence is embodied in
every creation.

Within our own furniture laboratory, our designs endure a battery of rigorous
tests, spanning from foam compression fatigue to UV resistance and beyond.
Only when these stringent quality criteria are exceeded do our designs proceed
towards production and eventual market debut.



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Aluminum - The frame material, with a hardness of 11±1,meets the international standard ISO #6063.

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Polyethylene Rattan - Undergone a 3000-hour UV resistance test,anti-fading, antibacterial,and 100% recyclable.

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Fabric - Made from polyester/acrylic material, with 100% solution dyed for excellent colorfastness and water repellence.

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Foam - Industry-standard foam for durable use, providing
breathability, softness, and comfort.

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Powder Coating - Dutch Akzo Nobel outdoor-grade powder
for outstanding UV resistance, non-toxicity,harmlessness,and eco-friendliness.

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Teak - FSC certified, sourced from sustainable and regenerated trees,ideal for long-term outdoor use.

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Trained by master weavers and using techniques from the China, Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Up to now, Artie currently has more than 100 weavers that obtained 10 years of rattan weaving experience.

Artie design team and management work close with our weaving department to develop our unique pieces.

We strive on creating an enjoyable, team work environment. Artie expert weaving department excels and takes pride in their handcrafted unique trade. Strict multistage control procedures ensure quality.


Artie takes meticulous care in crafting every aspect of its products, en-
suring that each piece of woven furniture embodies a harmonious blend
of timeless craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.